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Now on GitHub: LocalStack – A Tool for Local AWS Testing and Mocking A new project has been added to the GitHub open source repository. It is the LocalStack tool that Atlassian published to test and mock cloud development projects. Although it could be used with other cloud providers in future, the tool currently targets Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS). This allows developers to create and test cloud applications offline. Although LocalStack isn’t new, it was published on Bitbucket in August 2016. However, its inclusion on GitHub has generated a lot of buzz within the developer community. One Hacker News commenter said that AWS is difficult to make your development environment look like production. “Having to deploy to test can be cumbersome, and having a cost associated each test can certainly cause some stress and discourage people from testing incrementally. I wonder if this changes. It’s great to have services like S3, Lambda, and SQS available locally. S3, Lambda, and SQS are just two of the many AWS services that LocalStack can enable developers to spin up core cloud APIs on their local machines. These include API Gateway, Kinesis and DynamoDB Streams, Elasticsearch and Firehose, Redshift, Redshift, Firehose, SNS, Redshift, Firehose, Firehose and API Gateway. The project site states that LocalStack also offers powerful tools to interact with cloud services. This includes a fully featured KCL Kinesis client, Python binding, simple setup/teardown integration to run nosetests, and an Environment abstraction that allows you to switch between remote and local Cloud execution. Atlassian is perhaps best-known for its JIRA issue tracking tool. LocalStack, according to the project site, combines and builds on existing “best of breed” mocking/testing tools, primarily kinesalite/dynalite, and moto. These tools are not functional for certain use cases, as Atlassian’s project description states. So, Atlassian combined them, made them interoperable, and added the missing functionality it describes.

Error injection: LocalStack allows developers to inject errors frequently occurringRead More