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Future-proof Your SysAdmin Career With LPI Certifications CompTIA A+ Certification will help you to secure your career.

How to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate Azure developers design and develop cloud solutions, such as services and applications. They are involved in all phases of development, including solution design, development, deployment, testing, and maintenance. They work with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs and cloud administrators to implement the solution. The Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification, which is role-based, is designed to improve Azure development skills to meet future business requirements. This certification can be obtained by passing the Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam. How will being a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate affect your career and job? According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report certification value is at an all time high. Certifications that pay higher salaries continue to validate the skills and capabilities of the IT industry. 93% of IT decision makers believe certification adds value to their organization, according to the report. The individual benefits are also obvious: North American certified IT professionals earn more than their peers who are not certified. Four of the five highest IT salaries worldwide are associated with cloud computing certifications. IT decision-makers also believe that certified personnel have additional benefits, including improved productivity, fewer skills gaps, faster project completion, and quicker deployment of products or services. This gives them an advantage over their competitors.

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