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The SC-900 Microsoft security compliance and Identity fundamentals course is designed for individuals who want to learn more about security, compliance and identity basics over Microsoft cloud-based services. This program may be of interest to the following:
Shareholders in businesses
IT specialists
Or students who are passionate about Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Solutions

Let’s take a moment to review the SC-900 Security and Compliance exam prerequisites.
Students who plan to take this exam should be familiar with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.
Students should be passionate about learning how Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity can help them to provide end-to-end solutions.
Skills are measured in an exam:
You must be proficient in the following areas to pass the SC-900 Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity certification exam:
You should be familiar with theories of Security, Compliance, Identity.
You will need to be able to manage Microsoft Identity and Access Management solutions.
You must be able to manage Microsoft Security solutions.
You must have the ability to manage Microsoft Compliance solutions.
SC-900 Security, Compliance, Identity Exam Details:

SC-900 Exam Course Outline

Tips to Pass the SC-900 Exam (Exam Guide).
1. Understanding Exam Objectives: It is essential to understand the exam goals in order to qualify for any exam. The SC-900 Security, Compliance, and Identity exam objectives are:
Defining the concepts security, compliance, identity
Describe the capabilities of Microsoft identity management and access management solutions
Microsoft security solutions: Explaining their capabilities
Describe the capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions

2. Microsoft Docs: Microsoft Docs can be described as powerful information sources that are specifically designed to provide accurate data for any certification exam. Microsoft documentation for Microsoft SC-900 Exam will help you to understand the different scales of this exam. These courses will also help you to learn a lot about the recitals in the Microsoft SC-900 exam.
3. Microsoft Learning Platform: Microsoft offers SC-900 exam applicants a variety of learning portals that include multiple materials to help them study for the exam.
4. Study groups for the Microsoft SC-900 exam: Applicants may benefit greatly from joining study groups. Study groups allow learners to stay in touch with experts and specialists who are already on the same path. This group can be used to discuss exam-related topics or interests and also get the Microsoft SC-900 Exam study materials.
5. Find a study buddy. It is very helpful to have a partner who can help clear your doubts and guide you in understanding the most difficult concepts. This is the role InfosecTrain excels at. These trainers will explain the concepts using real-world examples and will be always available to answer any questions.
6. Practice Tests: To improve your preparedness, it is important to take practice tests. Microsoft SC-900 practice exams will help you identify your weak and strong areas. You will also improve your response abilities, which will allow you to save time during the test. It is smart to practice the Microsoft SC-900 mock tests after you have completed the entire concept. This will help you revise efficiently. Go online to find the best practice exam tests that will help you prepare for Microsoft SC-900 Exam.
7. Planning your preparation can make your journey much easier because you will know what and when to prepare. My only suggestion is to make your plan realistic and realistic.