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Future-proof Your SysAdmin Career With LPI Certifications CompTIA A+ Certification will help you to secure your career.

Cyber Security is a hot topic at the moment. Cybersecurity is a hot topic. There are almost always new headlines about hacking, malware and security breaches. Those with a background in Cybersecurity seem well-equipped to succeed as more companies try to protect their online presence. CompTIA PenTest+ certification is a great choice to meet the needs of an ever-changing job market.

The next topic is how to prepare for the CompTIA PenTest+ certification examination. We will discuss all the important parts of the exam. Once we have a clear understanding of the exam, we can move on to the preparation resources and processes.
CompTIA PenTest+ Exam Preparation Guide
Certification exams can be a major hurdle in today’s work environment. This is due to factors such as work-life balance, extracurricular activities, and a packed workload. The process has been made more difficult by the increasing educational standards required for these exams. It is not easy to obtain them. It takes effort and strategy to pass the exam. The key to success is a well-planned preparation strategy. These are some great strategies and ideas to keep in mind as you prepare for your CompTIA PenTest+ exam.
Before preparation: Prerequisites
How to get started: Research
Get a study guide
Join a discussion forum
Create a study checklist
Instructor-led training
Practice makes perfect
What is CompTIA PenTest+ Exam and what does it mean?
CompTIA PenTest+ certification, an intermediate-level credential, evaluates a candidate’s knowledge and skills in organizing, reporting and structuring an assessment. It also explains legal and regulatory requirements and performs penetration testing and vulnerability analysis. This certification teaches the fundamental principles and practices for penetration testing and assessing secure IT systems.
CompTIA PenTest+ certification is recognized by the market and should be a required foundation-level certification for every professional.
About the Exam
CompTIA PenTest+ certification assesses the fundamental knowledge required to analyze security of portable devices, networks, software, and host systems. These domains are covered by the exam:
Domain 1: Planning, Scoping (14%)Domain2: Information Gathering, Vulnerability Scanning (22%)Domain3: Attacks and Exploits (30%)Domain4: Reporting and Communication (18%)Domain5: Tools and Code Analysis (16%)
Exam Details
Exam codePT0-002Exam format Performance-based, multiple-choice questionNumber of questions Maximum 85 QuestionsDuration of exam165 MinutesPassing marks 750 (on an scale of 100-900).
1. Prerequisites before you start studying for the CompTIA PenTest+ You’ll just be circling the sink. CompTIA PenTest+ recommends Network+, Security+, or equivalent knowledge. It is necessary to have at least 3-4 year’s experience in information security, or a related field. PenTest+ does not require any technical skills. It is designed to be used in conjunction with CompTIA Security+ and similar experience. It focuses on technological capabilities.
2. Research is the best way to start your journey to CompTIA PenTest+ certification. Many websites offer a wealth information, including FAQs about CompTIA PenTest+ certification, background reading, exam objectives, and background reading. These are the most important. Then, you can expand on them. You can take the InfosecTrain CompTIA PenTest+ certification program.
3. Get a Study guide A study guide is essential.