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Amazon Managed Blockchain was first revealed in a preview last November. It is now available for production.
Blockchain technology is becoming more popular. It provides “an open, distributed ledger that records transactions between two parties efficiently and in an verifiable, permanent way.”
Amazon Managed Blockchain (Amazon Managed Blockchain) is a fully managed service that helps users create and manage scalable Blockchain networks using the open-source framework Hyperledger Fabric. Ethereum support is coming soon.
In a blog post, Jeff Barr, an AWS spokesperson, stated that the service facilitates the management of blockchain networks. It allows users to manage certificates, invite new members, and scale up peer node capacity to speed up transaction processing.
Barr stated that the blockchain networks you create with Amazon Managed Blockchain can span multiple AWS account so that a group can execute transactions and share data, without a central authority. “New members can easily create and configure peer nodes to process transaction requests and keep a copy of their ledger.”
The production-ready service can now be accessed only in the Amazon Cloud’s US East Region (N. Virginia). Here are the details of pay-as-you go pricing.
AWS also offers the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, (QLDB) which is a fully managed ledger database that provides transparent, immutable and cryptographically verifyable transaction log. Centrally trusted authority. It was also announced in November last year and is still in preview.
Amazon Managed Blockchain does not require a trusted central authority.
AWS announced the previews of both products last Nov. Customers who wish to create applications that allow multiple parties to execute transactions without the need of a trusted central authority can use Amazon Managed Blockchain. It makes it easy to set up and manage scalable blockchain networks with the popular, open-source Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric frameworks.
Both services can be used together, according to AWS: “Managed Blockchain can reproduce an immutable copy your blockchain network activity into Amazon Quantum Ledger Database.”