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Future-proof Your SysAdmin Career With LPI Certifications CompTIA A+ Certification will help you to secure your career.
  • CTP’s recommended tagging guidelines
  • AWS account standards
  • IPSec VPN connectivity to AWS
  • Platform common services Virtual Private Cloud, (VPC), — both production- and nonproduction
  • Active Directory integration to control access to environment and tooling
  • Automated creation and distribution of Windows and Linux Amazon Machine Images.
  • AMI snapshot management
  • Create custom Identity and Access Management Roles
  • SDLC toolchain using the best-of-breed automation software

Cloud Kickstart for AWS includes these features as well as a robust reference architecture that was created with the best-of-breed AWS tools to create a simple package for rapid AWS deployment at scale,” the company stated in a statement today. Cloud Kickstart for AWS provides everything you need to create a safe and compliant AWS environment. It includes everything you need, including configuration management with Chef, security leveraging Trend Micro and Dome9 Arc, and operational analytics using Sumo Logic. The company also offers a kickstart program to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Pricing details weren’t disclosed.