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IDERA Inc. has updated their cloud infrastructure monitoring tool by integrating new Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS).
The Uptime Cloud Monitor now offers data on 22 AWS services, with 16 more. The tool provides data on user interactions and database interactions. It also monitors performance metrics to give early warning of potential problems.
Beth Chauvin, an executive, stated that AWS is used by many of our customers to power their infrastructures. Adding more AWS metrics to our existing monitoring capabilities increases value and visibility for our users. “Uptime Cloud Monitoring is the perfect solution for hybrid environments, including servers on-premises and those hosted in the cloud. AWS metrics can be used to help someone transition their server environment to the cloud. Our on-demand pricing lets customers pay only for what they use, which provides extensive monitoring benefits without incurring enterprise-level costs.
According to the 2nd Watch AWS Scorecard, IDERA now integrates with six of the most popular AWS services. These include Elastic Cloud Compute and Relational Database Service. Simple Storage Service, Simple Queue Service. Route 53 DNS. Simple Notification Service.
The company stated that Uptime Cloud Monitor’s lightweight agent allows data to be collected more often, allowing users to troubleshoot as errors and problems arise. Uptime Cloud Monitor can store, alert, and display AWS metrics for up one year, which allows for historical trending. The new product features a single custom dashboard that makes it easy to navigate. Users can view 22 AWS services at a glance without having to switch to other applications.
Although AWS has its own Amazon CloudWatch service for monitoring infrastructure, IDERA stated that its tool integrates with it and “enhances its capability through faster troubleshooting and long-term data storage, and a comprehensive user interface.”