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Audio Transcription:
Ben Aston:
The DPM podcast is where we go beyond theory and offer expert PM advice to help you lead better digital projects. Thank you for listening. I’m Ben Aston. Let’s face it, are you able to deliver your projects within budget? Are you on time? Are you able to deliver the scope you promised? Are you unsure? How do you find out and how can you do it? This is the podcast’s main topic. Project controls.
These are just the lines we draw around projects to help us understand the project’s parameters. What we should be coloring in. Help us to know when we are coloring outside the lines of our project.
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Today, Maik Stettner is my guest. Maik, who was previously at FCV, is now the EA Games development director. He manages the EA Games team. Maik is also a resident DMP expert at the Digital Project Manager School. Project controls are a passion when managing a team. Maik has a lot of experience in this area. Your team should deliver on budget. If your team fails to meet those milestones and timelines, you need to get involved. Today we’ll be discussing how to manage projects better and what controls we could use. We know we are on the right track. It also gives us options for when we want to go off-track.
So, I hope that this sounds good. Maik, welcome to the show.
Maik Stettner:
Hey, Ben. Thank you for having me.
Ben Aston:
It’s good to see you again. Maik, tell us about your current situation. You have moved or changed roles from FCV, where you managed a team PMs, to EA games’ development director. Are you familiar with what that means?
Maik Stettner:
I will soon find out. The focus is still on project administration. Moving from agency work to games with Electronic Arts is a natural progression. I have worked in various industries in my career so games are not completely new to me. It’s something I look forward to doing again. It’s quite complex from a project management standpoint. It’s very dynamic and challenging. You will probably use the project control system for that.
Ben Aston:
Good stuff. Have you ever thought about how you might move to a new job and learn different tools and ways of working? If so, what are you using lately that you think you would like to use? Do you have any new approaches or tools that you would like to use in my new role?
Maik Stettner:
I feel like I learned that in every position I have held, I have always been able to learn new aspects and perspectives on how I can solve problems. You have to be able to count on it, especially if you work in software and digital project management.