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10 of the Best Productivity Apps (Including Alternatives)
This comprehensive list of productivity apps will help you accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Look for productivity software that records important data or automates tasks as you peruse this list. This will allow you to free up time to do more productive work.
JUMP TO REVIEWS is the best place to find custom workflows and task boards

ClickUp One tool that allows you to communicate, collaborate, simplify your work and get more done.

Kintone Best is a company that builds custom productivity apps

Collabio Spaces Best For PDF Editing & E-signatures

Todoist is best for creating task lists and prioritizing

Asana Best is a simple, clean, and easy-to use interface

Buffer is a social media management app that allows you to schedule and track social media content

Just Say No A productivity application that helps you reduce distractions and bad habits

Missinglettr Social media maintenance application with campaign automations

QuuuPromote An app for content promotion that increases campaign reach

We use a variety of productivity apps to do more with less effort.
You’re likely to have used productivity software to improve your work, whether you’re a freelancer, manager, or entrepreneur. What is productivity software? There are many types of productivity software. They range from simple task lists to productivity tracker tools that track how much you accomplish in a given day, to desktop tools that reduce distractions and increase focus.
When looking for apps that will work for you, keep in mind that the best organizational apps and best reminder apps only work if they help in your case to do the right job in a way that works consistently for you.
The best productivity apps are those that allow you to get the job done efficiently.
How can you use these productivity apps? Below I will discuss how to prioritize your tasks and be more productive. A comprehensive overview of each productivity app and how it can help you will be provided.
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Overviews of 10 Best Productivity Apps and Productivity Software
Best for custom workflows or task boards
You can follow up on team members regarding active tasks, making sure everyone is on the same page. doubles as a project management app and a productivity tool. It has key features that help you manage multiple tasks and workflows from start to finish. It is a great tool for team productivity, giving you a clear view on the work required and the status of each task. looks a lot like a spreadsheet but is a much more elegant project management tool. It allows you to quickly switch between different views of work, even for repetitive tasks (view as a list or on a map, on Kanban boards, in a spreadsheet and other views). It provides notifications, alerts, and the ability attach files and to communicate with colleagues. features include a custom task board that allows users to manage task status, assignees, due dates, hours spent, and more. Users can upload files and attach them to cards, comment on others, mention their teammates, set reminders and much more. Reporting dashboards can be used to measure productivity and can pull data from multiple boards.
Slack, Google Drive and Google Calendar are some of the integrations available at The company’s customer service is available 24/7 via phone or email to help you set up integrations. is available for as low as $8/user/month, and comes with a 14-day free trial. The