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Sometimes, new projects can start out a little shaky because we jump into the project without really getting to know the client. We don’t understand the client’s tacit, latent, or informal requirements.
The project kickoff allows for the establishment of common goals and the purpose of the work. This is true regardless if the project is internal or external. It is crucial to have a kickoff when you start any project, no matter how complex or straightforward. It’s all about alignment.
This article explains.
What is a Project Kickoff?
Internal Project Kickoffs
The Project Kickoff Meeting
The Project Kickoff Email
Kickoffs for Agile Projects
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How To Run Internal Project Kickoffs (+ Agenda Template)
What is a Project Kickoff?
The project kickoff is part the project initiation phase. It is a crucial project management activity. It involves preparing team members and clients on expectations, communication, collaboration, and how to work together.
It helps you and your client plan the project and allows you to finalize details like the project timeline, project management method, success measurement, etc.
Most kickoffs require a series meetings with both the client and internal stakeholders. Even if your project does not have a client to kickoff, it is still important that all project stakeholders and sponsors be involved.
You are probably familiar with client kickoff meetings (which will be covered later in this article). They are quite common. But what about internal kickoff meetings, though?
Internal Project Kickoffs (A.K.A Team member Kickoffs)
An internal project kickoff meeting might be viewed as a quick 10-minute chat between the internal team and the client in the meeting room. This is not a good way to manage projects.
An internal project kickoff is designed to get the project team up and running before the kickoff meeting with clients. Your job as a project manager is to educate, bring together the team, set expectations, and ensure that everyone (including yourself) understands the project. ).
An internal project kickoff meeting is a complex process. An agenda will be needed, as well as information about the client and the project. You will also need to gather information about the client and prepare some initial thoughts on collaboration, teamwork, communication, and other topics for the team to discuss.
You can read our complete guide to internal project kickoffs and download our internal project kickoff agenda template here!
After you have completed the internal kickoff, it’s time to start the client project kickoff meeting.
The Project Kickoff Meeting
The project kickoff meeting can be viewed as having two parts: a pre-client kickoff and a client kickoff.
Let me tell you, your first meeting with a client or key stakeholder should not be the official kickoff meeting for the entire client team. A pre-client kickoff meeting is a better idea.
Without other attendees interfering, you’ll be able nailed down the project approval process.