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Microsoft’s certification courses are essential for enterprises and their success in the global market. Microsoft’s certification courses are essential to enterprises and their functioning in the global market. All Azure certifications are now more role-based than domain specific. They don’t cover all technologies at once. They are not able to approach all technologies together. Instead, they are role-centric and help candidates develop the key skills that they will need in specific job roles. There are 12 certifications on the Microsoft Azure certification path. You should choose the certification that best suits your current job or the position you want to take on. This will enhance your job skills and increase your value as an employee within the organisation.Microsoft Azure certifications are offered at 3 levels. These levels are the Fundamental Level, Associate Level, and Expert Level. Let’s take a closer look at each level and certification.
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900This certification is the first level in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. This certification validates the candidate’s skills and shows that they have all the required knowledge about Azure cloud services at a foundational level. This certification is ideal for entry-level professionals with non-technical backgrounds. It provides a solid understanding of cloud computing concepts such as High Availability (HA), Fault tolerance (FT), Scalability (CapEx and OpEx) and the differences between them.
Descriptions of resource groups, zones availability and regions.
Azure architecture and its components.
Azure Resource Manager
Details about DDoS protection, Network Security Group(NSG), Azure Firewall, and Azure Subscription.
A deep understanding of the Azure subscription process, purchase methods, free account usage, and pricing calculation.
Microsoft Azure Administrator – AZ103This certification was launched on the 1st of May 2019. Microsoft Azure Administrator – AZ-103This certification was launched on 1 May 2019.