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These are the 4 main sourcing channels
The three stages of the hiring process are screening, screening, and interviewing. The hiring process has three stages: screening, screening, and interviewing.
Referrals from within your company are candidates that you learn about through a colleague. Referrals can limit the diversity of your candidates and exhaust your employee’s social networks. To keep your referral channel fresh, ask new employees to refer. You can, for example, sit down with them in their first week and quickly go through their Facebook/LinkedIn networks to ask them if they know of anyone they can recommend. Or you can hold regular referral events where you bring in open positions and ask everyone to look through their social media. The key to reaching out and referring employees is to mention the referring employee. You risk losing the benefit of the referral process. Agency referrals
Although it will cost you, staffing agencies can also refer you. They will send you CVs of potential candidates once you tell them what you need. Agency fees for referring employees are 10%-20% of the employee’s annual salary. Outbound
Outbound sourcing is when you reach out to candidates and convince them to apply. This involves looking at social profiles (mostly LinkedIn) then messaging people. It’s not very efficient so many recruiters at large corporations do it this way. Personality is key to making yourself stand out. Be specific, get to the point, and tell them why you reached out to them specifically.Remember that great people don’t look for jobs, they are sold on jobs. You can expect them to say no so you need to work hard to win them over. According to a LinkedIn survey, 85% of LinkedIn users are open to switching jobs if you offer something interesting. Keep your message short and human. If you do this, it will make it seem desperate. This is a way I have learned more about my rivals than any other. I was often so impressed by the people I met that they subsequently invited me to their homes. Denise RichardsAnother trick to use is display advertising and targeted ads on Facebook, and other social networks. Segmentation is the key. If you are looking for SEO candidates, then show your ad on Majestic’s Facebook page or Rand Fishkin’s Twitter account. You can also tap into the social networks of your followers to see if they know your product and find someone who would be great for your job. Inbound
Inbound sources are available to you for no cost. You don’t need to do anything, except have a good reputation. Tell a great story. Your website’s career section must be improved and a reason to work for your company. Use Instagram and blog posts to give people a glimpse of what it’s like working at your company. You can issue press releases and be active on GlassDoor.