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After identifying your client, you should ask yourself one question: What is the one thing you want the potential client to do on your website? Once you have identified the problem, you should ask yourself this question: What is the one thing you want potential clients to do on your website? In your case, it’s an email inquiry. You want to get a potential client to start a conversation, not just inaction. You want to get a potential client’s attention and start a conversation. 1. Get your foot in front of the door.
You can cold call companies to explain complex programs. It might be tempting to give the CEO as much information possible. After all, people are rational and will make better decisions if they have more information. People want to talk with you quickly and they don’t listen. However, if you make an appointment, it gives leverage: people don’t want their time wasted so they’ll be more open to you. In the case of freelancers, you can ask them to send you any email. Trust is crucial.
It doesn’t need to be a job offer. Think strategically. You can intrigue them enough to send an email asking about your workflow, pricing, design or how to fix a runaway floating boat. I joined many of them in my field, and then started to answer questions as people posted, with no CTA. People would be amazed at how well-mannered I was. I would then send them a PM saying, Let me know if there are any other questions, as I am pretty much always available since what I answered you about was my full-time job 🙂 (or some similar) and we start a convo. I might help them once more. Invariably, 75% of the people I help will want to know how much I charge and what I do. I always reply, “Let’s have a Skype chat.” I don’t share my rates via email or any other medium. My closing rate for a call is now 96%. I have helped so many people in my industry that I get a lot referrals from past and current clients. But I still use the FB group thing. It’s worked out well for me (3 years) and has been supporting me 100% from my biz. People will return if you offer any type of value. It doesn’t matter if you are the best or not. Being a friend is enough. People hate to explore and will settle for the first deal they find. If a potential client sends you an email, make sure they feel so comfortable that they don’t think twice about looking for another person. They think they like you and they are confident that you can do any job. It doesn’t matter if you are updating the color scheme of an old website, changing the logo or coding a simple web page. Coders and designers who don’t have business experience often don’t know how clients will pay for the most basic tasks. You can earn money for changing the shape of a cloud or exporting it to different artboards. This is a fast job, but clients will see it as a complex skill. So start small and work your way up. They will trust you more after you have done a great job the first time. By e