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Sir Richard Branson is just one of many businesspeople who believe that Aooffices, as we know them, will one day be “a thing of the past”. Remote teams are becoming more common every year for many reasons. Remote workers tend to log longer hours and are more engaged in their work. Remote teams allow businesses to hire the best specialists around the globe, regardless of where they are located. Remote employees have the opportunity to enjoy a healthier work-life balance, which can lead to improved mental health and long-term efficiency.
Remote workers are a great option for businesses in terms of productivity and quality. Managers are still having trouble managing teams that aren’t in the same room every day. What can managers do to resolve this problem and foster a sense of “Aoteamwork” when working with different teams?
Selecting the right team members
While many people would love to work remotely, it is not possible for everyone to thrive in a structured environment. The right team will have self-motivation and great communication skills. They also need to be open and honest. It is crucial that team members are chosen based on their ability to motivate themselves. Workers who plan to work remotely will need to be able communicate with their manager and other project workers, even though they may only have limited face-to-face contact. They should also be able to use technology like Skype and Google Hangouts, and feel comfortable using them.
Apps for Team Management
Excellent communication is a key component of a geographically dispersed team. It is essential to have the right tools to facilitate this flow of communication to ensure smooth project management. Because so much of office work in 2016 is done remotely, it makes sense that these tools should be online and computer-based – in the form of apps. Trello, Slack and Realtime board are just a few examples of proven apps that can be used for project management. Each app has functions that allow for seamless online communication. Slack is an online instant messaging platform that allows you to communicate with up to two people or a group. It allows you send files, videos, and images. You can also search and find the messages again if needed. Trello, a visual-based platform that is great for delegating work, is Trello. This app allows you to create intuitive boards and cards that allow you to assign different tasks. It is very collaborative and allows everyone to update their boards as tasks are completed. The realtime board is visually appealing and allows teams to create visual story boards to enhance and brainstorm ideas. Try a few to see which one works best for you and your team.
For the performance of any team, and for the general morale and success of a project as a whole, feedback is essential. This is even more true for remote teams. Workers can struggle to gauge their performance on any given project if they don’t have the encouragement and tone of voice to gauge its progress. This can make it difficult to continue long-term. Insufficient feedback can lead to repeated mistakes, which can result in a decrease in productivity and efficiency. Communication is crucial here. Managers can circulate an office environment, encouraging workers to praise and encourage them at their desks.