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Managers need to adapt their leadership style to accommodate Millennials, people born after 1990. This generation has experienced a world in which technology and social media are an integral part of their daily lives, which has had a profound impact on their attitudes towards learning and work. Understanding your millennial workers and their thinking is essential if you want to manage them effectively.
Millennials have a different attitude
This generation has a different attitude to work than their predecessors. While millennials won’t sacrifice their personal life for their job, they won’t let their personal lives get in the way of their professional lives. If you take an interest in the work of your team outside of work hours, they will respond with more commitment than if they were to be expected to do so. Millennials are less likely to work long hours than those in certain professions.
High expectations are high for millennials
Another problem for millennials is their awareness of all the opportunities available to them and high expectations of what they can accomplish. They value work-life balance more than any other generation. They will appreciate a flexible work schedule that allows them to travel, enjoy hobbies, and work fewer hours. Modern workplaces are more flexible than ever, and the traditional 9-5 workday is becoming increasingly incompatible with today’s young workers.
Flexibility is valued by millennials
Consider giving your millennials the option to work remotely or to stagger their hours, so they don’t have to commute at rush hour. They can still have contact with their loved ones, but they also get to save time on commutes and be able to spend more time doing something rewarding. This age group is used to technology and will find it easy to use the software to communicate with the office.
Millennials desire a different work culture
You can also make sure that your millennial employees thrive in an office environment. They won’t like the traditional office layout of individual offices or cubicles. Make it a comfortable environment where people feel at ease. Millennials value their environment but it’s not only their physical surroundings. They also value a culture where they feel valued and heard.
Millennials want recognition
This age group is more inclined to move jobs often, so it will be easier to retain them. Give them the opportunity to progress in the company and let them know that they are making a difference. This generation wants to feel they can make a difference. So look for ways your company and staff can be ethical and help improve society.
Millennials need nurturing
Millennials value feedback and challenges. Encourage your team to work harder and to do better. They love to set goals and know when they are succeeding. Talk to them about your career and where you want to go. Give them feedback. They want a fun workplace where they can be themselves and have the opportunity to express their opinions. Make sure they don’t become bored. This will encourage them to leave the job and find something better. It’s best to give them lots of tasks and goals to accomplish – they will love the challenge of multitasking, and being able to achieve their goals.
Although managing Millennials can be difficult, it is possible to understand them and make them more successful and valuable.