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The best way to set the standards in the securities markets is to become part of NISM by obtaining the credential Series-X-B Investment Adviser (Level 2). The NISM Series X-B: Investor Adviser (Level2) exam is a prerequisite to earning the Investor Advisor position after passing the NISM-Series X-A: Investment Adviser(Level 1) exam. It is crucial to prepare for the exam by choosing the right plan, resources, and references.
We will also cover the main areas of the NISM Series X-B: Investment Adviser Level 2 exam, including exam structure, topics, and study tips to help you pass. Let’s start with an overview of the exam!
What is NISM Series X-B: Investment Adviser (Level 2) exam?
The NISM Series X-B: Investment Adviser Level 2 examination is required by the SEBI (Investment Advisers Regulations), 2013. It aims to establish a common minimum level of knowledge for individual investment advisers or principal officers of non-individual investment advisors as well as those involved in investment advice.
To meet the requirements of SEBI (Investment Advisers Regulations), 2013, an individual or principal officer of non-individual financial advisers, as well as persons involved in investment advice, must pass both levels.
NISM-Series-X-A: Investment Adviser (Level 1) Certification Examination
NISM-Series-X-B: Investment Adviser (Level 2) Certification Examination.
The certification also aims to improve the quality and efficiency of financial services investment advice and related services.
Exam Format
Six (6) caselets are combined with four (5) multiple-choice question. This makes up the NISM Series X-B: Investment Adviser Level 2 Certification examination. There are two marks per caselet. There are also 90 multiple-choice question each of 1 mark, totaling 150 marks. The NISM Investment Advisor Level II Exam Questions will take you three hours (180 minutes). You must score a total 60 marks in order to pass the exam. NISM Investment Advisor Level 2, on the other hand, will receive a 25% negative grading. The exam will cost Rs. 3000+ (plus payment gateway fees).
These are the questions:
Multiple Choice Questions [90 questions per 1 mark] (90*1 =90)
Case-based questions [6 cases, each case with 5 sub-questions worth 2 marks each] (6*5*2 =60)
Not all applicants will be issued a passing certificate unless they have updated their Income Tax Permanent Account number (PAN) in the registration data.
We have now reviewed the format and details of the exam for NISM Series X-B: Investment Adviser (Level 2). We will now begin by providing a guide for studying and passing the exam.
NISM Series-X-B: Investment Adviser (Level 2) Exam Preparation Guide
This guide will help you to understand how to prepare for the exam. Let’s get started with the test preparation guide.
Step 1: Exploring the Exam Learning Areas
Once you have mastered the exam details, it is time to learn the exam learning areas. You will be able to:
First, learn the basics of insurance planning and risk management.
Secondly, learn about the features and functions of Investment Advisers in retirement planning.
Recognize the importance of estate planning and the function of estate-planning instruments.
Then, learn about the tax implications of different financial instruments.
Understand the role of behavioral finance in financial guidance.
Step 2: Get familiar with the Exam Curriculum
NISM offers an exam curriculum for all of its certifications. This includes the modules that contain sections necessary for exam preparation. It also contains the same curriculum as the NISM Series.