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The NISM, which stands for National Institute of Securities Markets, is a federal association that was founded in 2006 by India’s Securities and Exchange Board. Without it, the capital market and economy would be in trouble.
The institute offers a wide range of capacity-building activities at different levels that aim to improve the nature standards in the securities markets. The NISM supports market participants in India by helping them to improve their financial skills.
Depending on your area of work there are many NISM certifications courses that can be taken to make you qualified for the job. In this article we will discuss the NISM Series III B Issuers Compliance Exam.
Benefits of NISM Series III B Issuers Compliance Exam
Many companies require their employees to obtain the certification. They also renew them on time. The NISM Series III B Issuers Compliance certification is extremely demanding. NISM Certifications are a way to bridge knowledge gaps between professionals.
Important importance of NISM certification:
NISM Series III B Issuers Compliance certification is helpful in exploring jobs in the Capital Market. Separately from professionals, NISM courses and certifications are also available for students of finance, economics, and management. NISM helps candidates to expand their knowledge in specific areas and gives them better opportunities to join the industry.
NISM Series III B Issuers Compliance certifications are a great addition to your resume. These certifications can also increase the importance of the candidate’s resume. These certifications are generally accepted by employers as a presumption that the candidate has the required knowledge for the job.
You can also use the NISM certifications as a starting point for more advanced certifications such as CFA and CFP.
NISM certifications have national acceptance. All delegates involved in the securities industry, including banks, brokerage firms and investment banks, accept NISM Series III B Issuers Compliance and other courses and certifications.
These courses, exams, and certifications are funded by SEBI, the regulator.
NISM is a reliable source of information. The NISM Certifications provide accurate, impartial and current information. The NISM Workbook is a great resource for candidates who are in a quandary about a topic.
Compliance Exam for NISM Series IIIB Issuers: An Overview
A NISM Certificate is a entry-level exam in capital markets.
NISM Certifications are mandatory certifications for those who work in capital markets. Investors, students, and the general population are welcome to take part in the NISM Certification exams to increase knowledge and improve employability.
The NISM Series III B Issuers Compliance certification is designed to assess the gap between demand and supply of experts in the securities market.
After passing the NISM Series III B Issuers Compliance exam
The candidate should pass the NISM Series III-B Issuers Compliance Certificate Examination.
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