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A study guide has been created to help you prepare for the Okta Administrator Certification Exam. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the exam, including topics and helpful resources to help you understand all concepts. To become an Okta Certified consultant, you must pass the Okta Administrator exam. Let’s get started with the guide!
Step-by-step guidance for the Okta Certified Administrator Exam
The only question that comes to your mind when you reach your goal is how to prepare for the certification exam. It is important to plan everything before you begin preparing. To earn the Okta Certified Administrator certification, there are many important things that you should focus on. This blog will provide you with a step-by–step guide to help you get started in your preparation.
Step 1: Take the Okta Administrator Exam
Okta Certified Administrators have extensive knowledge about managing Okta and how Okta can be used to manage complex User Lifecycle Management scenarios. There are many possible scenarios, including mobile devices, security policy frameworks and supported SSO options, as well as extensive directory integration for cloud access and on-premise access. Administrators can also use the Okta Policy Framework for:
First, user access control
Second, you will learn how to use Universal Directory for data transformations and mapping identity attributes.
Exam Requirement
Candidates for the Okta Certified administrator credential must have passed and retaked the Okta Professional Exam. They must also meet the following requirements:
Two years of experience in identity management and security is required.
Second, you will need to have at least one year of experience with the Okta service.
You must also have completed the Okta Essentials or similar training.
Lastly, Okta administrators, implementation consultants and identity leaders, as well as technical project managers and owners, are eligible for this qualification.
Format for Okta Administrator Exam:
The Okta Administrator Exam will have 60 discrete multiple-choice questions (DOMC). The exam can only be completed in 90 minutes. The exam will cost approximately $250 (USD).
Things to know about the exam
1. Scheduling the Exam
Examity administers and proctors Okta certification exams (secure online proctoring). Okta and Examity have joined forces to ensure the integrity of our certification exams.
This service offers online proctoring so you can take the exam from anywhere and at any time. The Okta Administrator Exam must be scheduled at least 24 hours before the time you want to take the test.
Understanding the DOMC item type
The entire Okta Certified Administrator test is composed of DOMC items. DOMC is a powerful measurement instrument that produces consistent test results. It does this by eliminating “contaminants” from test results that are not related to the information or abilities being assessed. The DOMC item type adjusts the playing fields and accurately assesses your capabilities by improving:
Exam Scoring
All DOMC items are scored fairly and accurately. However,
First, if you choose the correct choice and answer YES, then your response is deemed correct. A DOMC item can be coded so that it requires one or more correct responses to be completed and regarded as appropriately responded to.
Second, if the correct option is selected and you respond NO, the item will be marked as incorrect.
If you answer YES to the question, and choose the wrong choice, the item will be removed