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Since the pandemic, professionals, including project managers, have felt a strong desire to improve their skills for career development. Leaders lacking key skills for a digital future were less likely to be promoted or assigned to critical projects. Many organizations and companies are also focusing on continuous learning to accelerate their careers. This is why 65% of the respondents to a survey enrolled in additional courses last year to further their personal development.
Liberal studies is one area of education worth considering. It is a course that provides knowledge that can be applied to a variety of professional fields. Liberal studies are designed to broaden our understanding of the world through psychology, language, culture and philosophy. We gain a holistic view about people through the social sciences and humanities. This is crucial for project managers, as we are ultimately concerned with people and how they work together. We’ll be discussing how learning in liberal studies subjects can help us become better managers in the future.
Communication is key to project management. It keeps members on the same page about goals and expectations. Communicating well with leaders will ensure that a project moves smoothly and is completed on time. Clear communication is essential in meetings, emails, phone calls and discussion boards. You also need to communicate clearly and concisely with different audiences. Liberal studies can help you improve your business English skills, even if you are already a proficient speaker of English. You will be able learn new vocabulary, phrases, and techniques that are relevant to your communication needs.
History is an important area of study for leaders because it examines human behavior vis-a-vis (often competing), goals, whether they are individuals or groups. Learn about how people manage projects and events. Then, try to duplicate their successes or avoid their mistakes. The Palace of Versailles, a huge construction project that King Louis XIV ordered in 17th century, is an example. It serves as a warning to those who try to add new requirements to an already impossible schedule. The costs soared, putting France in deep debt. This led to the French Revolution. These lessons can be used by project managers to look at history from their own perspective and help them work towards success.
International Studies
Research has repeatedly shown that diversity and inclusion are associated with higher productivity, performance, talent retention and recruitment, and better employee well-being. Managers should have a background in international studies to be able to bring different perspectives to a project. This social science will give you a broad understanding of international cultures and issues so that you can work with multicultural teams with respect. You will be able to learn from others and listen to their perspectives.
Social psychology is an integral part of any liberal education curriculum. Psychology is a discipline that studies thought patterns and the relationships between people. Project managers need to be familiar with these concepts in order to manage client or team interactions. Friction and bias can impact your ability to do the things you want. You will need to use psychological techniques as a project manager to improve your leadership style and achieve the results you desire from your team. Morale building for your team depends on your ability reach out to others and lift them up, whether you are advising them through a setback, or comforting them when things go wrong.