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It’s difficult not to feel inspired.
People contact me daily to tell me that they have decided enough is enough and are taking control of their careers.
Some have failed. They didn’t get the job they wanted. Passed the PMP exam.
They keep going.
Although I don’t agree completely with his views, I like Friedrich’s quote:
We are stronger when we don’t kill ourselves. -Nietzsche
Every setback is a learning moment
You can make it one. You have two options: you can either give up and become stronger than before.
It’s up to you.
Are you a victim or can you rise above the expectations of others and set higher goals?
And then, success
Many people also contact me with success stories about the jobs they have landed, the certifications they have earned, and the breakthroughs they have made with their project team.
It takes effort to get there. People who purchase my courses fail if they don’t take the information and apply it to their lives.
Bold Action
This is what it takes.
You can target companies in a systematic way today or not.
You have two options: either reach out to people at your target organizations and establish relationships, or you can do nothing.
You can either accept the circumstances that are thrown at you, or you can make them happen for yourself.
Like a Boss