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By Brian Scheibe, Kelson Lawrence Quick NetSim 9 Gui update The NetSim 9 GUI was recently updated to include many features that you will find useful for your studies.
The first update allows you to separate the NetMap and Lab Instructions into separate windows within the NetSim 9 parent app. This will allow you to use multiple monitors, if you have them. This is how it looks in action…

It’s pretty cool, huh? Another feature is the ability for lab startup to display all device console tabs, and the ability to close them individually. You can see the tabs marked with red “Xs” (R1, R2, ASW1, etc ).

Did you also notice the Launch icons on the Lab Instructions and NetMap tabs? These icons can be clicked to expand Lab Instructions or NetMap, as shown in the graphic at the top.

These preferences can be adjusted in the ….., you guessed it NetSim Preferences. Simply go to Preferences > Users Experience > Dialog and choose the appropriate boxes.

This is all we have for this update. We’ll keep everyone updated on any new content as it becomes available. Get ready to party.

Learn more about the NetSim Network Simulator, and download the demo.