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NuoDB 2.6 was announced today and adds Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), functionality for developers who want to create scalable, on-demand cloud apps.
NuoDB Inc. announced today that NuoDB 2.6 provides formal support for active-active databases across [AWS]Availability Zones. This enables organizations maximize their AWS investments, including better availability utilization performance and resilience.
The “always-on, always available” NuoDB 2.5 offering is “active-active”. This refers to the ability of active read and write to multiple AWS Availability Zones simultaneously. The database will remain operational even if one AWS datacenter or zone experiences problems.
Yesterday’s blog post by NuoDB 2.6 stated that NuoDB 2.6 has been upgraded to include certification for native active-active capabilities. This makes it easier to scale a single logical database across multiple availability areas. This allows you to optimize hardware utilization and minimize downtime caused by outages or failures. Customers get a faster and more responsive application. You also save money by removing the complexity and cost associated with add-on software or infrastructure that is not used for disaster recovery.
NuoDB stated that its active-active offering is unique in that it does not require additional software. The company stated that it supports read and write access from multiple hosts while maintaining ACID compliance.
The new edition includes table partitioning and distributed storage, which allows for greater scalability and better performance. It also offers improved SQL compatibility. More technical details can be found here.
NuoDB 2.6 can be evaluated.