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Reading Time: 1 minute We offer tips for keeping students’ interactions professional and respectful from Dave Ellis and Ryan Watkins. Also, Michael Corry’s E-Learning Companion to Online Success, Fourth Edition.
The Effects of Anonymity
Online interaction can present unique challenges in maintaining civility among students because of the anonymity and lack of contact. As you would for on-ground courses, establish expectations for respect and set the rules for online interaction. This will ensure that students are engaged and lively while remaining professional.
If you plan to include chat or discussion boards in your online class, make sure to include guidelines, rules, and etiquette regarding these settings in your syllabus.
This coursework is about formality, quality, and length.
When posting to a discussion forum, ensure students adhere to the topic. Moderators can check for participation and assess for relevance.
You might consider providing a “model posting” for students to use as a guideline for participation. (Adapted by Watkins & Corry. pp. 170-172)

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