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UPDATED: This article was updated May 2, 2017 to reflect the latest changes to the Microsoft MCSE Private Cloud certification curriculum.
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Private Cloud (MCSE Private Cloud), certification covers two of Microsoft’s most famous products: Server 2012 R2 & System Center 2012. Understanding the products and services that make up a private cloud is crucial as more companies embrace cloud technology. The MCSE: Private Cloud certification is generally accepted by learners for roles such cloud administrator, cloud designer, systems administrator and many more.
MCSE: Private Cloud
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Start trainingCRITICAL UPDATE – Microsoft has restructured its certifications. The MCSE Private Cloud certification was officially retired on March 31, 2017. It was replaced by the MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. For more information about the restructure, please see our What to Expect From the New Microsoft Certification Paths post.
The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Private Cloud certification (MCSE Private Cloud), is designed to validate and demonstrate learners’ skills in managing and implementing Microsoft cloud computing technologies. The MCSE:Private Cloud certification consists of five exams. All five exams are covered by SPOTO training.
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-441 with R2 updates
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-411 – R2 Updates
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-412 – R2 Updates
Microsoft System Center 2012 Private Cloud 70-246
Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Private Cloud 70-247

Although many learners take the exams in a sequence, it’s not necessary. A learner who passes the 70-410 and 70-411 exams successfully earns the MCSA Server 2012 certificate. Most learners who earn the MCSE Private Cloud certification are able to pass the 70-247 exam first, before the 70-246.
This certification requires that learners have at least two years of experience with Microsoft products, especially Server 2012. To be successful in their MCSE: Private Cloud exam, learners should have a solid understanding of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), SharePoint and Hyper-V. The MCSE is an intermediate-level certification. Learners should have some experience before they embark on this certification path.
Exam Details: The following exam details apply to each exam that makes up MCSE: Private Cloud certification.
Exam time: 120 minutes for MCSA exams (70-411, 70-411 and 70-412)150 for MCSE exams (72-246 and 72-247), and 60 minutes for MCSE exams (72-246 and 70-247). Questions types: Multiple choice, multiple choice/multiple answers; scenario. Register at Microsoft Learning or Pearson Vue. Skills Measured: Each exam registration page at the Microsoft website includes a list of Skills (free resource) that will help you study and prepare.

*Microsoft doesn’t publish exact numbers of questions associated to its exams. The number of questions that a learner will see depends on the case. **Because the questions are varied, it is not necessary that learners earn a simple 70% to pass the exam.
Microsoft exams are known for being difficult. Many learners find that they need to take multiple exams to be successful. Microsoft is well aware of this.