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About Candis
Candis was a project manager throughout her 16-year career in operations within the financial industry.
In 2012, she began to pursue her passions and to lead her future career. Candis began to look for opportunities to improve her project management skills, including PMP(r). [/one_half_last]
Candis began studying for her PMP(r), while she was preparing for her wedding. She also attended a sponsored in-person class, but she was unable to pass the exam on her first attempt.
Candis was disappointed by her first attempt’s result and decided to not retake the exam for several years.
She decided to try an online class this time. ExamsPM offered a 1.5-hour free training.
Candis realized after the training that she had learned and retained more than any other class she had taken in the past few years.
Candis was adamant that Candis’ style of teaching was a good fit for her, so she signed up to the full training program.
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How did she do it, you ask?
Candis began studying in June and passed her exam in August less than two months later!
Candis loved the 6-week study plan. It was a great way to stay on track and help her manage her time.
Candis had a demanding job, two small children and was studying for the PMP (r) exam.
TIP: Make sure your study plan fits your lifestyle.
Candis would rise at 2 o’clock in the morning to study while she was still fresh. She also set weekly goals.
She kept track of her results on a whiteboard and recorded her progress, which helped her to be even more motivated!
Candis also used this program to understand the story behind ITTOs and all the tips and tricks for passing the PMP(r).
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Candis’ Advice
Candis used the PMBOK(r), as a reference, to take tests or for any other questions she wasn’t clear on. She stayed focused on the ExamsPM material.
She also took notes as she went about so that she could review them at any time during the day.
Candis made sure Candis scored at least 80% on all her tests. Any exams she scored less than 80%, she repeated them.
Before she entered the exam hall, she listened to some relaxing music in her car. Before she began answering the questions, she took five minutes to calm down.
Candis used the exam tools to mark questions, highlight and cross out incorrect options to narrow down the correct ones.

What’s next for Candis
Candis manages a portfolio of projects for her job and is excited about applying her PMP(r), skills to the programs she will be involved in the future. She is also interested in getting involved in the PMP(r), community.
Candis is now a PMP(r), which means she can confidently enter her future as a Project Manager in any industry.
Congratulations Candis, and best wishes for your career in project management!
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