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Ananda Rangan, one of our students, was recently interviewed by us. He passed his PMP(r), his first attempt.
We were privileged to have him share his PMP(r), journey with us. Here is what he had to say.
We hope you find inspiration in his story if you’re currently studying for the PMP(r).
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1. Let us help you navigate your certification journey. How did you prepare for your PMP(r).
In May 2018, I began my journey towards becoming a PMP(r). After looking online for the best online courses, I decided to choose ExamsPM after attending the first session. Because of the many changes in my personal and professional lives, I wasn’t sure if I had to take exams immediately. I spent more than three hours each day in preparation, taking notes about every step. It is important to show dedication and hard work to obtain the PMP(r). After completing the ExamsPM course, I felt confident that I would be able to pass the PMP(r). After a lengthy process of audit, I was accepted for the exam and booked the date. I prepared for the exam with mock exams provided by ExamsPM, along with a study plan and flashcards. I passed my first attempt.
2. What are your top tips for those who want to become PMP(r), certified right now?
ExamsPM is a great way to learn, but it’s important to read the PMBOK(r). This will help you revise the concepts in each knowledge area. When studying the ITTO’s, make sure you ask yourself questions such as why, what and how. This will help you to remember the ITTO’s. PMP(r), while not requiring you to know every Input, Tool and Technique and Output, will insist that you know the Input T&T and output for any given process.
You must ensure that you understand the concepts before appearing for the exam.
3. What did ExamsPM’s material do for you?
ExamPM has helped me understand each step of the process by giving me a detailed understanding of each concept. I ask everyone to follow the ExamsPM instructions in each chapter, and to be honest during Quiz and mocks.
ExamsPM also offers Flashcards that can be used to review concepts and increase confidence when taking exams.
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