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Joelle passed her PMP(r), on her first attempt. You can, too! Joelle answered a few questions about the experience. Here’s what she said.
Why did you decide to become PMP(r). I wanted to be certified because of my experience as a PM, and I am looking to find more opportunities in PM. Certification will open up more opportunities.
What is your current job? What were your past positions? My current role as Asset Lead is to work on projects related to pipeline integrity. In the past, I was a PM, Pilot Plant Manager and R&D Manager.
How long did you take to become PMP(r). I took the prerequisite courses over a year. It took me 3.5 months for the exam to pass after I registered for your course.
What did your study plan look like? What was your study schedule? How many and how long did each day go by? What about per week? I followed the study plan provided with the course. I studied for 2-3 hours each day, 5 times per week. I watched the videos and took the post-chapter tests. After I had watched all the videos, I went through the PDF files to review the material. I took all five mock exams weeks before the exam and memorized all the 10 KA, 5 process group and 49 processes. I also memorized 16 formulas for the exam.
What study material did your use? I used all the PMBOK(r), ExamsPM study material.
What tips and tricks can you offer someone who is going through this certification journey? The trick is to remember the 10 knowledge areas, 5 processes groups and 49 processes. These marks are easy and will help you pass the mock exams. The mock exams highlight strengths and weaknesses and allow you to focus for 4 hours (similar to the length of an exam).
Let us know when you took the exam. How did you find the actual exam date? Nerve-wracking exam day. I took 18 minutes to complete my cheat sheet (process areas and formulas). After that, I struggled to concentrate for the first five minutes. However, once I answered a few questions (I assumed my answers were correct), it was easy to relax. I answered all questions and didn’t leave anything out. Any questions I wasn’t sure of the answers, I marked them. I reviewed them at the end.
Joelle reached out to me right after the exam, and I said
I passed the PMP(r), exam just a few hours ago. I wanted to thank you for the course materials. It was a tremendous help. The PDFs and videos were very helpful. Your method of remembering the 5 process groups and 10 knowledge areas was exceptional. This was the best course I have ever taken to prepare for the PMP(r). I had taken a boot camp course in 2015, but never took the exam. The material was clear and concise. Thank you for your assistance. I have recommended your course my sister-in-law.
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