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[/one_half_first][one_half_last]Jason had tried the PMP(r) exam in 2012, but due to his demanding career he was unable to clear the exam on his first attempt. Jason realized that, even though he was qualified to manage many projects, most employers wanted PMP(r), certified candidates.
Jason recognized the importance of the PMP(r), certification for his career and decided to give it another chance. Jason enrolled in the ExamsPM training for free and was impressed with the clear explanations in simple English. Jason signed up immediately for the full training course. [/one_half_last]
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How did Jason do it!
Jason studied for three to four hours per day using the ExamsPM material.
Jason also took all ExamsPM quizzes as well as the full-length exams. Jason took the time to review every question he didn’t answer correctly in order to ensure he understood the entire process.
He found it useful to connect all the knowledge with his life experience and to view his studies as a project.
How long did it take to complete?
Jason set a goal for himself to finish his studies within four months from the day he signed up.
What was the actual exam like?
Jason was nervous about the exam, but he managed to overcome his anxiety and stay focused. Here are his top tips.
Do not underestimate any knowledge area – ensure you fully grasp the whole picture
Answer as many questions as you can
The end goal is to focus on the outcome – not just the certification but how to better manage your projects.

Tell us about your new job
Jason works in the IT sector of healthcare. He applied several years ago for a job at one of the biggest healthcare companies in the country, but was denied.
He applied again for the project management consultant job with his PMP(r) certification and was granted the position. His drive and certifications impressed the employer. Jason now earns over 20% more in this role, plus a sign-on bonus.
How was the interview process?
Jason interviewed for 5 hours with key stakeholders, including Senior Project Managers as well as Human Resources Managers. Interviewers were looking for technical and domain knowledge, as well as cultural fit.
Jason made sure he was able to clearly explain the entire process, from Initiation through Go Live. He displayed his exceptional communication skills.
Career advice
Here’s some career advice from Jason
Know your industry and the processes that are involved. Employers want to know what you can do for the company.
Keep your eyes on teamwork. Good project managers communicate with their team and share their knowledge.
Keep your clients in mind and do what is best for them.

Jason, congratulations and best wishes for your exciting new career!
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