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The Titans Talk Show
Vodafone’s reputation as a global player within the telecoms industry is built on their ability to innovate and adapt to market trends. Vodafone’s Marketing Academy was looking for a relevant, comprehensive, and effective professional education course that would sharpen their digital skills.
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Mohsin Ghafoor was Head of Global and Commercial Learning and Development for Vodafone. His task was to raise standards across the company in digital marketing.
“Our goal was to ensure that every Vodafone marketer reaches a minimum acceptable level of digital marketing skills, knowledge and capability. They can apply this to their day job and make an impact on our customers.”
Vodafone has a large workforce. It is also spread around the globe. Natasha Brookes works as a Learning and Development Specialist for Vodafone. It was clear to her that a digital marketing course required an online solution.
Vodafone is a global company. It is a large global organization that aims to reach all marketers in the different markets. What better way to do this than to have one place where marketers can learn? It will be a continuous learning approach.”
The Digital Marketing Institute quickly realized that Vodafone is a company who wants to set the pace and not just follow it. They wanted a solid foundation for their digital marketing. But they also wanted to train their staff in current knowledge and skills so that they could anticipate the needs of their customers.
Ghafoor stated, “I had the greatest level of confidence in the Digital Marketing Institute in terms of the quality of content as well as their global certification standard which we could apply across all our markets.”
Vodafone Marketing Academy had an already-established learning management system or e-learning system. Their staff knew the benefits of learning online because they had a learning management system. Next came the search for the right partner to provide the content that the company required.
The Digital Marketing Institute started by selecting the most relevant topics and courses for Vodafone and their staff to get it started. They agreed to a global user licence that allowed Vodafone’s staff access 15 DMI modules. Their staff could choose between modules from the Professional Diploma of Digital Marketing or the Specialist Diplomas.
Vodafone then partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute team to integrate core modules and content into their online learning system. This made it easier for their global workforce of employees to train together, wherever and whenever they wanted. Vodafone Marketing Academy staff around the globe now use the video-based learning content.
Launch was also supported with a variety of creative promotions, from e-flyers and newsletters. These helped to generate enthusiasm and awareness for the courses through internal campaigns. Vodafone continues to work with The Digital Marketing Institute to certify their employees and help them realize their digital potential.
“I found the relationship to have been a very positive one. It was constructive. Mohsin concluded, “It certainly felt to me like what I was expressing about Vodafone’s needs in this space was being heard.”