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Despite the competition from Red Hat, Microsoft, and Citrix VMware is still a virtual giant for server consolidation. It’s great that both Linux and Windows support VMware, allowing for true heterogeneous environments.
We don’t see VMware losing market share anytime soon, despite growing competition.
Trusted tech for vSphere
It’s like this: Microsoft introduced Hyper-V back in 2008. In 2001, VMware launched ESX 1.0. VMware was a market leader with ESX 1.0 server in 2001 thanks to a seven-year lead.
vSphere, VMware’s software suite is one of its most important technologies. Virtualization softwares such as Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer require an operating system in order to be used. vSphere, however, is extremely configurable and does not require an operating system. This allows you to manage your hypervisor from almost anywhere.
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Start trainingvSphere comes with a robust security system that doesn’t require patches for the Controlling Layer components. vSphere comes with many governance capabilities, and organizations can use transparent page sharing.
Security will always be the king
Citrix and Microsoft use machine learning and artificial intelligence in some of their products. Only VMware is making significant strides in automating multiple product offerings to help organizations strengthen their infrastructure. This allows a team to focus on the applications that best serve their business needs.
Cyber threats are now the norm, and VMware takes security very seriously. VMware has embedded AppDefense security features in its VSAN storage products as well as its NSX networking products. This added layer of security is necessary because many Fortune 500 companies use VMware to consolidate their servers.
VMware worked with companies like RSA, SecureWorks and IBM to ensure AppDefense works in conjunction with their products. AppDefense can be set up in monitoring mode until it is able to recognize standard software patterns. After that, you can put it in production. AppDefense focuses in three areas of security.
The application
Security ecosystem

Cyber attacks are becoming more complex and more severe. Many companies are trying to offer safer products. VMware is taking the lead by using its machine learning (ML), strength. Already, they use ML in vSAN, to optimize disk performance, predict failure rates, and in AppDefense to flag suspicious VM behavior. Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, has spoken out about this trend towards ML environments and said it won’t stop anytime soon.
VMware recognizes that their product cannot be considered an island. It would be an understatement to call VMware security-minded. This will ensure that VMware remains at the forefront of virtualization technology by focusing on machine learning and security.
The most available
One VMware product is the best for keeping your systems running, regardless of whether you are using Citrix, Microsoft, or VMware virtualization technology.
VMware offers High Availability (HA), for applications that are installed on virtual machines. HA detects hardware and guest operating system failures immediately. It then restarts the affected virtual machines on spare capacity production servers. With HA, virtual machines are automatically restarted on other hosts in the cluster. It also automatically takes care of OS failures detected by it.
All competitors offer live migration technology to avoid hardware failures due to slow physical host resources. VMware’s platform has options with the vSphere Hypervisor in both enterprise editions and separately for all vSphere editions. This adde